"Live At Just The Right Time" Album Announcement Press Release

17 Track live album featuring 9 Carriage House Band players across four different shows from the past 6 months

“I think anyone who has come to see a full Carriage House Band show knows we’ve got a pretty broad body of work already, but I felt like it was time to share that in a different way,” says Reese Fulmer about his upcoming release. “This is just about as clear as I can make it."

Reese Fulmer & The Carriage House Band

2023 Americana Artist of the Year at Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Awards

The band is as much a concept as it is a performing entity: a fluid and evolving group of top tier regional musicians who add their creativity and vision to Reese's original music, both on stage and in the studio. This unique approach offers constant inspiration and new discoveries, often realized in real time during a show, and allows for flexibility to fit the environment of any venue or setting. The Carriage House Band has appeared in duo, trio, quartet, 5- and 6-piece format, and has featured artists including Chris Carey, James Gascoyne, Andy Arnold, Connor Dunn, Dustin DeLuke, Julia Alsarraf, JP Hubbs, Orion Kribs, Bobby Kendall, Chris Bloniarz, Matt Griffin, Connor Armbruster, Paul Guay, Sara Milonovich, Jimi Woodul, Katie Weissman, and Joe Woodul.

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